Spokiz was invented on a rooftop in Jefferson Colorado in 2003.  Tony Caniglia and I were building his straw bale house when my glasses fell off my head and I accidentally stepped on them.  With a cordless drill in hand  I fixed my glasses and kept working.  Soon thereafter people began bringing me their broken glasses to fix.  Tony is “the stucco kid” and master of all things strawbale construction.


MISSION STATEMENT  Our mission is simply to make your glasses last longer while offering maximized comfort and durability. We also re- purpose/reincarnate other manufacture’s broken frames giving them a second life and saving them from the landfill.

We make “bombproof” sunglasses with an adjustable built in monofilament band which memorizes the contours of your skull. Spokiz are an invention designed out of necessity and lifestyle for the working man, active people, and special needs (special people).

Hingeless Eyeglasses – ” A frame assembly for eyeglasses is provided having removable and interchangeable securement members. The frame assembly eliminates the need for a hinge assembly and creates a durable and adjustable eyeglass assembly..” ….Shane Niebergall (patent attorney, Denver Colorado) defines hingeless eyglasses better than we ever could. Shane grew up in Frisco, Colorado wearing sunglasses. He wrote our patent and helped build the foundation for spokiz to build from.

Cranial Contouring – This is a word we invented to describe whatspokiz do. After continued use, spokiz contour the users head like a shoe or glove. Once you break them in, they mold to the shape of your head.

Spokify – 1. to get unhinged   2. to reincarnate and simplify3. to modify with power tools and short term memory 4. to maintain gription around your melon.

Spokiz is a solution to many problems that plague the optical and sunglass industry.  We started by repairing other manufacturer’s broken glasses and now we manufacture our own exclusive frames.  We manufacture the strongest lightweight materials to build your glasses with. This creates an unbreakable hinge-less assembly.  The band shapes itself to the contours of the user’s head, maximizing comfort and eliminating pressure.  The band is fully adjustable and stops the glasses from falling off or sliding down a person’s nose.  The stationary fit is perfect for action sports, active lifestyles, and special needs applications.

Imagine hinge-less eyewear that stands the test of hardcore lifestyles and extreme sports. Spokiz is a  handcrafted solution to broken and bent eye frames and hinges. Spokiz are built to withstand endurance athletes, organic farmers, construction workers, and your atypical full-on wildchild. If you live and love hard Spokiz are for you. Sweat, labor, craft and mojo are the magic mix of the Spokiz Soul. Spokiz will fix your broken hinged heart. Trip, skip and flip your carbon-based self into a new way of seeing and being.

We’re using the highest quality, durable materials, assembled by hand in the USA.
We strive to build performance eyewear with our one of a kind hingeless technology.

The Bullet Points:
– hingeless technology
– never fall or slide off
– durable
– adjustable
– comfortable
– eliminates pressure around ears
– patented hingeless eyeglasses

Get Unhinged - we’ll fix your broken hinged heart.


We manufacture  durable lightweight materials to create hinge-less eyeglasses. Continually refining the original concept and persistent product sourcing led to a new breed of eye wear called spokiz. We also made the band assembly adjustable which created a way for the retailers to sell the glasses for any head size. This was a long process but we finally built  the strongest, long lasting, glasses available.

We made the band interchangeable and customize-able  for  point of sale. We started training sales staff to offer any color band for any frame style. With the product fully developed, we started testing it. 


We introduced the children's frames to the Nebraska Medical Center Optical department. The parents now had a choice too try something different and it worked. “University Optical uses spokiz mostly for small kids that have a hard time keeping their glasses on.  The kids love the bright colors and parents like to design them to fit their child.”

We also introduced the product to a select few kayakers and SUP boarders. They immediately used the glasses in their daily repertoire with success. They showed how the glasses work under helmets and stay on your head no matter what.  

Also testing the glasses are special Children, Dentist, Doctors, Sailors, Glassblowers, Blacksmith, Potters, Working Men, Farmers, Pilots, to name a few.

We have spokes people and product testing gurus. Our product last longer and stands on it’s own.

James Hermsen
real life scientist/accidental inventor

Philosophy-live simple.

Spokiz last longer and love everyone!